The Cycling Association of Yukon offers online membership and insurance through CCN’s secure website. A UCI or international race licence is recommended for those wishing to race both inside and outside of the Yukon, while insurance and memberships for all Yukon cycling clubs are also available. More detailed information is provided on the CCN site, please read all details carefully and contact us if you are not sure what you should be purchasing.


CAY insurance/UCI license 


Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. has worked closely with the Cycling Canada to provide a National Insurance program for members in good standing with the Cycling Association of Yukon. Cycling Canada negotiates the overall insurance program on behalf of the participating Provincial and Territorial Associations. The Provincial/Territorial Association in turn administers the program, on a day-to-days basis, as it is related to members, affiliated clubs, and sanctioned events.

Designed exclusively for Cycling Canada, this program is intended to protect all events, clubs, teams, their members, players, coaches, officials, managers, directors, officers, auxiliary workers, employees, volunteers and administrators for all Manitoba Cycling Association sanctioned events and /or approved activities. Sanctioned events and approved activities include but are not limited to club rides, club meetings, competitions, organized training and camps, events, seminars, clinics, fundraising activities and tours abroad for the membership.

 For more information on the Cycling Canada National Insurance, visit